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Apartment Inspection Checklist

Renting an apartment is really a big decision therefore you have to take it carefully because you are going to spend lots of years at one place. It is necessary to check everything before signing the rental contract in order to avoid all potential problems. Some areas have their own rules and regulations about inspections and you are advised to consider all these rules and regulations. It will be good to design an apartment inspection checklist so that you can inspect everything in detail. Following is a sample apartment inspection checklist for your guidance only therefore you are advised to check your area rules to modify it according to you:

Sample Apartment Inspection Checklist

Inspection Done

Things to Inspect

Inspection Results


  Bedrooms should contain all important items as per your requirements such as bed, dressers, file cupboard, wardrobe with mirror, desk, desk chair and trash can.  
  Chair, desks, wardrobe, file cabinet and dressers.

(Write conditions of these items in detail such as any dust, stains, marks etc.)

  Room is empty – check all drawers and wardrobe.  
  Carpet condition such as vacuumed, no stains or rips  
  Check door and door frame from both sides. You have to check for scratches, dings, tape, check door knob and locks, need cleaning?  
  Ceiling & Walls

(You have to check for holes, paint chips, number, size, marks, tapes, fluorescent paint, water stains?)

  Check condition of bed and mattress to make sure if there are any stains or rips.  
  Availability and condition of Surge Protector  
  Computer, phone jack and outlet plates for any damage and crack.  


  Clean counters wiped down, floor swept/mopped.  
  Condition of Bar Stools such as clean, no stains, holes, quantity.  
  Dining room table and chairs (check for clean, undamaged, four chairs).  
  Cutting boards  
  Sink (Check stopper in sink, clean, unstained, and unscarred and working order.  
  Condition and availability of garbage disposal.  
  Check stove, clean surface, and broiler pan. Do not forget to check the condition of these things.  
  Microwave (Check its cleaning and working condition)  
  Refrigerator (Check that the freezer and fridge are clean and in good working condition).  
  Cabinets & Pantry (check that they are empty and clean)  
  Floor (Tiles are unbroken and not peeling).  
  Fire extinguisher should be available on the wall.  
  Cleaning bucket under sink or in closet.  
  Trash, recycling cans in closet.  
  Outlet plates not damaged or cracked.  


  Outlet plates (Check condition either damaged or good).  
  Ceiling & Walls (Check for holes, paint chips, quantity, size, location, hooks, marks, tapes, fluorescent paint, water stains)  
  Floor (Check for any markings pulled up tiles, or other damages.  


  Green basket and trash can present and clean.  
  Check for floor, sink, bathtub and toilet either these are clean.  
  Floor tiles are in tact and not peeling.  
  Ceiling & Walls check for holes, paint chips, hooks, marks, tapes, fluorescent paint, water stains  
  Light switch, and towel rods have no damage.  
  Medicine cabinet is empty and clean.  
  Shower curtain and toilet plunger  
  Mirrors are clean, secure and not cracked.  


  Sofa, lounge chair, rolling ottoman, floor lamps with shades, end table, and one coffee table, television mounting bracket.  
  Loveseat, lounge chairs, lamps, end tables, and coffee table.  
  Furniture in good condition such as no dents, cuts, markings, etc.  
  Cushions check for cuts, stains, and anything beyond wear and tear.  
  Floor tiles are in tact and not peeling.  
  Windows locks function, curtains in good shape, leave curtains open.  
  Computer, phone jack, outlet plates  
  Telephone, Cords and condition of telephone  


  Empty of personal items.  
  Main door knob  
  Window screens and their conditions  
  Window, locks and blinds, locks function and blinds are in working order  
  Vacuum cleaner, mop, broom and dustpan present.  
  Emergency Evacuation Signs attached to back of doors?  Marked or altered?  
  Smoke Detectors and their conditions  
  Ceiling & Walls (Check for holes damage and water stains)  
  Light switch and ceiling light undamaged, working, bulb missing?  
  Door, door frame door knob and locks check availability and condition  
  Outlet plates (Check for any damage or crack)  


Note: This is a general checklist.  You will be responsible for any additional damages, extra cleaning, and missing items that are not specifically noted.



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