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Bridal Shower Planning Checklist

Bridal shower is a festive time where family and friends gather to shower their blessings on bride-to-be. Bridal shower should be planned few months before wedding so that you can get ample time to plan for memorable bridal celebrations. The key to host a successful party is to prepare and plan your bridal shower before time. It will be lifetime experience for your honored friend so try to throw a wonderful party for your friend or family member. You can throw a wonderful party with the help of bridal shower planning checklist. This checklist will make your work easy because you can write whole planning in different steps. You can divide your bridal shower planning list into different categories and then write time as well action steps.

Sample Bridal Shower Planning Checklist

Bridal shower planning checklist can make your work really easy and you can easily plan a wonderful party according to your budget in short period of time:


Things to Do

Special Notes

6 To 8 Weeks Before

  Select perfect time and date by considering convenience of your guests.  
  Choose appropriate venue for baby shower.  
  Prepare your guest list to send invitations before time.  

6 Weeks Before

  Decide on a Theme.  
  Plan a Menu and Decorations.  
  Make or buy the invitations.  

4 Weeks Before

  Buy your gift for the bride and choose everything carefully.  
  Buy or make shower favors.  
  Plan the activities and prizes.  

3 To 4 Weeks Before

  Send out the invitations.  
  Arrange table cloths, serving dishes, cutlery, crockery, glasses and so on according to your theme.  
  Purchase the decorations and favors.  
  Prepare the shopping list to arrange menu ingredients.  
  Arrange tables and chairs.  

2 Weeks Before

  Thoroughly clean venue of baby shower.  
  Order necessary items to decorate your venue.  
  Order non-perishable food items.  
  Buy linens for iron tables.  

2 To 3 Days Before

  Buy the rest of the food for the menu but do not get bread and rolls.  
  Do a final clean of your house.  

The Day Before

  Prepare maximum menu items to make your work easy.  
  Set up the tables and decorations.  
  Assemble items for the activities.  
  Wrap any prizes.  
  Make sure that your gift to the bride is wrapped.  
  Pick up the flowers.  
  Buy perishable favors or make them.  
  Perform quick checking.  

Preparations for the Day of Party

  Arrange flowers and centerpieces.  
  Buy fresh bakery items.  
  Buy some coasters and ashtrays.  
  Finalize your menu.  
  Designate a special area for gifts.  

Last Minute Details

  Get ready at least one hour before the arrival of guests.  
  Make sure that the beverages are ready.  
  Take some time to get relaxed before shower.  
  Greet your guests and have a good time.  


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