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Construction Inspection Checklist

Inspection of a construction site is an important task related to every construction project because through construction inspection you will come to know about the potential hazards of construction and can take safety measures according to it. It is best way to address all health and safety issues. Construction safety inspections are important part of safety programs and it is the responsibility of construction manager to conduct construction inspection. Construction inspections include wiring, power tools and machines. You can do this according to your preference by using construction inspection checklist. It is best way to inspect all important details related to a specific project. This will help you to address all potential problems related to a specific project. You can divide your construction inspection checklist into different categories for your convenience.

Sample Construction Inspection Checklist

Construction inspection checklist is necessary to design before starting any project. Following is a sample construction inspection checklist that will help you to design a perfect construction inspection checklist according to your preferences. This checklist is for your guidance purpose only so you can modify it according to your requirements:

Project Details

Name of Project  
Details of Area or Building   Date  
Name of person responsible for site inspection  
Signature of person responsible for site inspection  


Items for inspection


ü X or N/A


ü X or N/A

Work area has been isolated from local traffic.   All steps and stairways have non glide treads and are harm free  
All personnel are inducted and have signed in   All ladders are designed according to industrial grade and suitable to job  
All relevant Job documents are displayed   Electrical apparatus and leads are free of smash up  
All pertinent Job credentials are accessible, Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS), High Risk Permits, Job Docket, MSDS, etc   Electrical tools has been tested and tag date is within service period  
Emergency access/egress is clear and free from obstructions   Portable Residual Current Devices/Earth Leakage Breakers are used on moveable electrical gear & leads  
All entrances, exits & pavements are clear and identifiable   No burn marks are on power switches/outlets  
Material Safety Data Sheet is Present   Adequate fitting fire fighting gear is accessible and easy to access  
Material Safety Data Sheets have life of 5 years   Fire equipment is clean and has been checked in last 6 months  
Chemical containers are clearly tagged and stored appropriately away from food items   Adequate first aid kits with appropriate contents are available  
Personnel are aware of the contents of the SWMS and are conforming with its necessities for risk control   Workers are aware of local emergency procedures.  
All employees are working safely and according to SWMS   Emergency contact numbers are displayed near emergency kits  
All personnel are equipped with correct safety garments   Workers are aware of neighbouring mass departure exit and assembly point  
All guards are in place – where applicable   All machinery & equipment is in a safe and clean condition  


ü= yes

X = no

N/A = not applicable


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