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Crane Inspection Checklist

Crane inspection can be done in different forms according to the type and work of crane. Crane can run on rails, gantries or just on a beam attached to the wall. Crane can be controlled through an attached handset from a cab or by a remote control device. It does not matter what style of crane you have, it is necessary to inspect it regular basis otherwise potential hazards can be occurred. You can design a car inspection checklist that will help you to inspect the performance of your crane to maintain the safety of your workers.

Sample Inspection Checklist

Date _______________________ Lab name __________________________________________

Inspector ___________________________ Location ___________________________________

Etc. _________________________________ Etc. _____________________________________

Items for evaluation Yes No Comments Actions to be taken
All new cranes constructed and installed after (Date), must meet design specifications of (Set Standards)        
Re-rate customized cranes as long as a competent foist or producer checks the modifications and supporting structure        
Plainly smudge the rated cargo on each side of the crane        
Maintain a clearance of 3 inches overhead and 2 inches crossways between the derrick and obstructions        
Inspect all new and distorted cranes to ensure conformity with convention        
Crane inspections are done in two parts, frequent inspections on daily basis and monthly hiatuses and intervallic inspections of one to 12- month intervals.        
Frequent checking should include the following:        
All practical operating mechanisms official modifications interfering with appropriate operation on daily basis.        
Deterioration or seepage in lines, tanks, valves, drainage pumps and other parts of air or hydraulic systems        
Hooks with deformations or cracks. Daily and weekly inspections with visual reports.        
Hoist chains for excessive wear, twists, and distorted links nosy with appropriate function or elongate beyond manufacturer’s recommendations        
Daily and monthly inspections with signed reports        
All functional operating mechanisms for excessive wear of components.        
Periodic inspections to check the following:        
Deformed, cracked, or corroded members        
Loose bolts or rivets        
Cracked or worn sheaves and drums        
Worn, cracked or indistinct parts counting pins, bearings, shafts, machinery, rollers and locking and clamping devices        
Excessive wear on brake system parts, linings, pawls and ratchets        
Load, wind and other gauges over the full range for any imprecisions        
Gasoline, diesel, electric or other power plants for inappropriate feat or rebellion with pertinent safety necessities        
Excessive wear of chain drive sprockets and excessive chain stretch        
Electrical apparatus available to check signs of pitting or any corrosion of controller contractors, frontier switches and knob stations        
Inspect cranes that have been inoperative for at least one month but less than six months, per rations for frequent, intermittent and twine inspections        
Check cranes idle for more than six months per necessities for recurrent, episodic and rope inspections        
Inspect reserve cranes at least semiannually in harmony with recurrent, intervallic and rope inspection maintenance        
Establish a precautionary upholding program based on crane manufacturer’s suggestions        
Before adjustments and repairs are started on cranes, take the subsequent safety measures:        
Run the crane to a site where it will cause the least intrusion with other cranes and operations.        
Ensure that all managers are at the off position.        
Open and lock the main or emergency switch in the open position.        
Place warning or important out of order signs on the crane and on the hook for the safety of workers.        
Check rail stops or other suitable means to prevent intrusion from other cranes in maneuver on the same landing strip.        
Evaluate guards have been properly reinstalled, safety devices reactivated and upholding equipment removed.        
Before resuming crane maneuver, correct any unsafe circumstances disclosed by testing        
Allow only elected workforce to perform modifications and repairs        
Promptly provide repairs or substitute as needed for safe maneuver        


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