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Electrical Inspection Checklist

Electricity is an important part of our life and electrical inspection is necessary to perform to avoid any deadly incident because any carelessness with the use of electricity can be hazardous for you. It is necessary to perform special inspection on weekly and monthly basis to make sure that there is no open wire or broken switch that can lead you toward sudden accidents. Electrical inspections are often done by electricians and it is especially important to perform in industrial areas where heavy machinery is usually used. You have to check the electric appliances of your home and industry to make sure that these are in better condition because lots of lives are connected to your business and your little negligence can take their lives. It is your responsibility to prepare an electrical inspection checklist with the details of your equipment and their maintenance requirements.

Sample Electrical Inspection Checklist

Electrical inspection checklist is necessary tool to inspect your electric appliances so do not forget to prepare a proper format and inspect your all electric appliances according to this format. This will help you to complete your work in short period of time without any obstacle. Feel free to modify this sample electrical inspection checklist as per your requirements:



or X

1 Check that the equipment is free from external damage.  
2 Visually check the cords, plugs, outlet sockets and other accessories for obvious damage:

  • Discoloration (that can be sign of chemical, moist or exposure)
  • Cuts, scratches, twirls in the external scabbard of the cord (check for small and deep cuts to check insulation)
  • Electrical tape or other overseas objects attached to the cord (may specify a break or cut beneath)
  • Damage to the wadding on the pin plugs (if applicable)
3 Physically check;

  • Run the supple cords throughout the hand to distinguish any caricature of the internal cores or harm to the external sheath
  • Lightly wriggle pin plugs and other associations to guarantee that they are not movable.
  • Flexible cords are efficiently fastened to the gear, plugs and cord conservatory sockets
  • Extension leads connect the plugs and sockets of the escort jointly to verify that the terminals have not spread.
4 Check where applicable:

  • Operating controls are in proper working condition such as secure, associated and appropriately identified
  • Covers, guards and the like are tenable in the mode projected by the producer or supplier
  • Airing inlets and exhausts on electrical tools are unhindered
  • Power boards (EPODs) – maximum load warning is intact and easy to read


Note: This electrical inspection checklist is for your guidance purpose only so you are advised to modify it as per your requirements and area of building.


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