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Equipment Checklists

Fire Inspection Checklist

Fire inspections are performed by fire departments to prevent any hazard to the life of general public. These inspections are conducted with businesses, apartments and homes to make sure safety of people. A special fire inspector is designated by concerned department to make sure that each office and premises have sufficient arrangements to deal with sudden fire hazards and for the safety of people. You can also perform a fire inspection with the help of fire inspection checklist. It is necessary because human life is very precious and its protection is the responsibility of employers. You can easily perform a fire inspection with the help of fire inspection checklist because this will help you to understand which area is been checked so that you can thoroughly inspect each and everything.

Sample Fire Inspection Checklist

Fire inspection checklist enables you to check each and every area without overlooking any important thing and for your help sample fire inspection checklist is designed. You can modify it as per your needs because it is for information purpose only.


What you will need to have ready for your inspection?

Special Notes

  Proper address is posted on outside of business  
  Tenant classification of industry on stern door of strip shops  
  Construction Features  
  Ceiling tiles are properly placed  
  Holes in walls and fire resistive edifice  
  Electrical Equipment  
  No extension cords being used as enduring wiring  
  No multi plug adapters being used  
  Electrical panel boxes, containers, light switches have apposite covers on and closed  
  No storage overcrowding electrical panel box  
  Exits & Fire Escapes  
  Emergency illumination is operable  
  Exit signs illuminated  
  No padlocks on exit doors while occupied  
  All exit aisles clear from impediments  
  Fire Alarm Systems/Equipment  
  All pull stations not stymied from sight  
  Fire alarm system testing existing and operable  
  Fire Extinguishers and quenching systems  
  Extinguisher mounted on wall  
  Extinguisher has annual test  
  Extinguisher not thwarted from view  
  Maximum travel aloofness to a fire extinguisher is 75 feet.  
  Fire Lanes  
  Fire lanes properly noticeable and maintained  
  Fire lanes not foiled  
  Laundry room free of fluff  
  Combustibles not stored in gear room  
  Combustibles not stored next to heating source  
  Housekeeping indoors and exterior of building is in order  
  No storage in exits  
  No storage within 18” of sprinkler heads  
  Occupancy Load is available in the building  
  Sprinkler and Standpipe systems  
  Fire section caps and adapters are in place  
  Fire department connections and standpipe are not infertile  
  Sprinkler heads are not painted  
  Periodic testing of system is up to date  
  Extra sprinkler head equipment in sprinkler cupboard  
  Storage and Handling of Flammable liquids/gas  
  Compressed gas cylinders must be secured  
  Have requisite K extinguisher for deep fryers  
  Hood system is free of lubricate and clean  
  Hood system has existing 6 month inspection  
Note: This is not an all comprehensive list because it is for assistance purpose only therefore you are advised to modify it as per your building structure.


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