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Lift Inspection Checklist

There are different types of lifts that are basically used in almost all fields of life from shopping mall to construction place. It is necessary to have proper check and balance on the working of every type of machine otherwise dangerous situations can be created. It is your responsibility to check the condition of life to find out any damages and problems so that you can inspect it on right time. Usually lift inspections are done on weekly, monthly or annual basis according to their usage and a detailed report is being prepared for the management. You can make your lift inspection work easy by using a lift inspection checklist that will make it easy to check each and every aspect of lift operation. This lift is designed considering regular checking requirements of a lift and is for guidance purpose only. You can use this sample lift inspection checklist to design your own checklist.

Sample Lift Inspection Checklist

Operator:  Review all items prior to use of the lift.


Lift Checkpoint




1 Operating procedure is easy to access and read. Operating procedure properly address safety tips and generic safety material      
2 Safety warning labels are easy to access and read      
3 Readability of the rated load capacity      
4 Proper procedure of the lift controls, manacles and locking devices      
5 Deformation or unnecessary wear of any of the lift structural gears      
6 Deformation or unnecessary wear of other components including hoses, electrical wires, drive chains, cables or screws      
7 Damage or unnecessary wear on any of the lift call points which engage the vehicle during lifting      
8 Evidence of hydraulic or pneumatic leaks      
9 Unusual noises, unexpected activities, erratic procedure or verification of chips or filings during use      
10 Cracks or loose concrete around floor anchor bolts, if employed      

Appendix A-3

Inspection Certificate


Lift Owner/Employer: __________________________________________________

Qualified Inspector Name: ______________________________________________

Qualified Inspector Company: ____________________________________________

Lift Manufacturer: ______________________________________________________

Lift Model: __________________________ Serial No.: _________________________

Lift Capacity (pounds): _____________________________________

Lift Type:

Hydraulic                            Hydraulically driven mechanical

Mechanical                        Pneumatic

Inspection Points

Attach checklist furnished by manufacturer signifying the annotations and conclusion of all points of examination suggested by the manufacturer, any adjustments made and parts replaced.

I certify that I meet the requirements of above paragraph for qualified lift inspector and that I have fruitfully finished the training for capable lift inspector as described in above paragraph.


_______________________________________________  _______________________

Inspector Signature                                                                 Date



This inspection is not planned as an assurance against malfunction. Its purpose is to verify that the lift has been maintained in a logical and safe manner and that the supporting documents supplied by the manufacturer are available to the machinist to assist in the safe operation of the lift and to call attention to repairs that may be needed to correct existing or potential malfunctions where such can be resolute by visual and normal assessment methods.  No liability for the use, operation, organization or control of this lift is unspecified by the inspector or the inspector’s company.



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