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Equipment Checklists

Pre Trip Inspection Checklist

Trips mean you have to use your vehicle if you are going to travel through road. Vehicle requires proper care and maintenance otherwise you will have to bear some potential hazards and other different issues. Every kind of vehicle requires proper safety and inspection because lots of lives depend on it. It is your responsibility to inspect your vehicle from all aspects and for this purpose pre trip inspection checklist will help you a lot. You have to design a pre trip inspection checklist to find out any potential problem and to take any precautionary step before any problem. You have to check each and every aspect of your vehicle from basic inspection to engine, wheels and brakes. It will help you to enjoy safe journey without any potential hazard. It will be good to design a pre trip inspection checklist and write your comments or required actions on it.

We have designed a sample pre trip inspection checklist for your convenience. It is for information and guidance purpose only so feel free to take help from this checklist in order to design your own pre trip inspection checklist.


V.I.N. # (Last 4 digits) _______________ AM____ PM____   Mileage_______________________

I have personally inspected this vehicle and do hereby certify that all items are safe, repaired or replaced and meet safety standards

Signed: ___________________________ Date: _______________




Problem / Action Taken

Observe under automobile for any leaks or obstructions      
Notice any dents, scratches or other damage      
Muffler condition and sacrament      
Check tire pressures      
Check tire treads      
Wheels: check for bent, loose or missing lug nuts & mud flaps      
LIGHTS: head, turn signals, tail, brake, hazard and reverse      
Clearance, marker, boarding, license, interior lights & reflectors      
Doors : driver and entrance      
Adjust mirrors      
OPEN HOOD:      
Check/fill with correct motor oil      
Radiator overflow container level      
Fluids at proper level: □ Brake □ Steering      
Windshield washer fluid      
Battery housing and connections      
Visible drive belts, wires and hoses      
Windshield: condition and cleanliness      
Transmission fluid level      
Gauges working      
Windshield wipers and blades      
□ Heater  □ Air conditioner      
Steering wheel (according to standard measurements)      
Emergency brake stops free rolling vehicle      
Wheelchair lift /cycle &  locate bar for manual operation      
Back up beeper      
Fire extinguisher: correctly charged, dated & secured      
First aid kit: proper items & replenished      
Blood pathogen kit: required items      
3 reflectors: complete and in red box      
Seats & handrails, condition and secure      
Seat belts  functioning      
Seat belt cutter preferably in reach of driver      
Exit windows, roof hatch functioning      
Current insurance I.D.      
Current registration & safety inspection sticker      
Vehicle free of loose objects.      
Overall cleanliness of vehicle      


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