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Safety Inspection Checklist

Accidents and mishaps are part of our life but we have to be careful in order to protect us. These all incidents can also occur at home so it is required to adopt some precautionary measures in order to prevent it. The simplest way to prevent this situation is the use of safety inspection checklist that can protect you from any upcoming injury. You can add all possible incidents in the safety inspection checklist. This checklist is equally good for official and domestic use so feel free to take help from our provided sample safety inspection checklist.

Sample Safety Inspection Checklist

 NAME OF AGENCY/OFFICE:   _____________________________________________________

Area(s) Inspected: ___________________Inspected by:  _______________Date:____________




corrective action – date

1. Presence of litter or spilled liquid on the floor      
2. Any worn or holes on carpeting      
3. Any warning signs posted near cleaning areas, repair work or redecorating efforts      
5. Cleaning condition of restroom and floors      
6. Any cords tripping hazard?      
7. Do cords look frayed?      
8. Are cords draped over hot pipes and appliances?      
9. Are delicate conservatory cords in use?      
10. Are all appliances associated with three-pronged plugs?      
11. Are electrical passage boxes or bonnets uncovered so that they can cause a hazard?      
12. Are the electrical switches or receptacles cracked or broken?      
13. Do employees stand on chairs, desks, boxes, drawers, or other improvised ladders?      
14. Does employee’s lean way back in chairs?      
15. Do employees put tops on cups of coffee or other liquids?      
16. Do employees run in the office?      
17. Are stairwells well lit?      
18. Are stairway banisters, treads and/or risers in good condition?      
19. Are stairs free of litter, spills or clutter?      
20. Are desk or file drawers left open?      
21. Are files, lockers, cabinets, and bookcases bolted securely?      
22. Is more than one file drawer open at once?      
23. Are problem with files and drawers?      
24. Are transparent glass doors marked?      
25. Must employees step up or down to go through a doorway?      
26. Do self-closing doors have too much spring tension?      
27. Is machinery turned off when not in use?      
28. Do employees wear dangling jewelry or clothing, such as a men’s necktie, around machinery?      
29. Are employees using spike files?      
30. Are pencils kept in pencil holders with the points down?      
31. Make sure that paper cutters are away from children?      
32. Razor blades and pins are at safe place away from the reach of children and pet?      
33. Fire exits should be clearly marked?      
34. Locations of fire extinguishers should be at visible distance?      
35. Check for fire extinguisher tags dates because these should be updated?      
36. Are fire extinguishers readily available?      
37. Do all employees are aware of the locations of the exits, alarms, and extinguishers?      
38. Are nonflammable fluids used whenever possible?      
39. Are flammable liquids/fluids stored in approved containers?      
40. Are emergency numbers for medical, fire, law enforcement and ambulance posted on visible spot?      
41. Are fire drills conducted frequently?      
42. Do designated smoking areas have ashtrays?      
43. Are flammable materials stored near machinery or heat sources?      
44. Are features of fire protection kept clean and in good working order?      
45. Are the tags on the features of fire protection current?      
46. Are doors to enclosed stairwells kept closed at all times?      
47. Are company parking lots well lit and clearly marked?      
48. Is medical help readily available?      
49. Are adequate first-aid supplies available?      
50. Are all incidents and accidents properly reported, investigated and documented?      


51. Are Safety Inspections conducted according to standard law?      
52. Are Safety Meetings conducted in accordance with the time frame?      
53. Are Hazard Control Logs posted throughout the workplace?      
54. Is the Worker’s Compensation Notice of Compliance posted?      
55. Is the safety bulletin board current?      
56. Do agency drivers use safety belts?      
57. Are there items carried over from previous reports?      









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