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Truck Inspection Checklist

Truck inspection is an important task in the operation of motor vehicle because in almost all business organizations trucks travel to hundreds or event thousands of miles. It is necessary to devote proper time and cost in the inspection of truck in order to avoid any potential problems. Prior inspection will help you to avoid any potential hazard and you will be able to fix any potential problem on right time. You can complete this work with the help of truck inspection checklist that is designed for this specific purpose only. In order to facilitate you, we have designed a truck inspection checklist and I am sure that this will help you to inspect your own truck properly. It should be used almost once or twice a week to keep your truck in best condition. It will save the repute of your organization and avoid any legal consequences. For your convenience, we have designed a sample truck inspection checklist and I am sure that this will help you a lot in your inspection:

Sample Truck Inspection Checklist


(Company Name) employees are essential in order to complete this form prior to the operation of any (Company Name) owned and operated vehicle. Carefully fill this form in order to escape from any potential hazard. This form must be submitted to (APPROPRIATE AUTHORITY) before leaving (Company Name) premises.


Vehicle Number:                                           


Odometer Reading:                                       km

Place an “X” beside each line item as appropriate.



Record Defects beside Items



  Windows and windshield are not severely splintered


Windshield wipers are in good functioning condition




Check and comment for the working condition of heating and cooling systems as well as “windshield defogging systems”


  Interior illuminations are in working condition


Headlights work




Tail lights/brake lights work




Horn works
    Tires in good shape (Everything is properly inflated)
    No unusual oil/lubricant leaks at wheel seals or under the vehicle
    No air leaks
    Copy of the annual safety inspection available
    Mirrors are in good position and are properly adjusted
    There are no visible fuel leaks, and the scent of gasoline is not detected
    Emergency brake is in good working order
    Power brakes are in good working order
    Seat belts work and are free of damage and excessive wear
    Exhaust system is in good working order
    Wheels and fasteners are fitted tightly
    The vehicle has no warning lights on
    Fuel levels are enough
    Oil level is adequately high
    Washer fluid levels are sufficiently high
    Emergency verge provisions are aptly stocked and situated in shaft of vehicle
    Suspension is in good working order
    Turn signals work
    Radiator liquid levels are adequate
    Vehicle is free of extreme damage
    All loads are fixed firmly/secured suitably
    All doors, hatches and tailgate are in good operational order
    Vehicle condition is satisfactory
    Defects reported


Inspection Performed By:

(Company Name) Employee Name:                                                                                    



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