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Wedding Reception Checklist

Wedding reception is an important part of your wedding where you and your guests can spend most of the together. It is great occasion for you and your family members to enjoy some time together. You can invite different people on wedding reception such as friends, family members and colleagues. Wedding reception is a great opportunity for the relatives of bride and groom to know each other. It is the responsibility of host to throw a well organized and relaxed wedding reception and you can do it with the help of wedding reception checklist. A wedding reception checklist will make it easy for you to plan everything. You can throw a best wedding reception according to your preferences. Your list should be well defined so that you can complete all tasks without any mistake.

Sample Wedding Reception Checklist


Things to Do


  Set budget for your wedding  
  Start wedding planning at least 9 to 12 months in advance  
  Choose location and venue for wedding  
  Hire a wedding planner  
  Clarify working terms and conditions  
  Decide catering services either you want catering from restaurant or do it yourself  
  Organize decoration and flowers for decorations  
  Choose personalized wedding favors  
  Arrange for extra rentals including tables, chairs, linens  
  Organize wedding cake  
  Decide for bar tending service  
  Select a professional photographer and videographer  
  Organize entertainment, program and toasts  
  Organize music according to the taste of brides, groom and guests  
  Organize a dance floor  
  Arrange a child care  
  Arrange transportation for your guests  
  Clarify deposit, guarantee, insurance and wedding cancellation terms  
  Make a written contract  
  If you are organizing wedding reception at your own home then:

Organize dishes and cutlery

Organize food, beverages and snacks

Organize coffee and cake

  Ensure people who are ready for your help.  


Wedding Reception Planning

  Wedding Date
  Ceremony Location Time
  Decide time on which your guests will arrive?
  What time will your event end?
  Name and phone number of your DJ and Band
  Name and phone number of cake provider
  Name and phone number of florist and other decorator
  Who is your Caterer?
  Will you be having a bar?
  Name and phone number of wedding planner (if one)
  Decide DJ words upon the arrival of Bride and Groom?
  Decide wedding party messages on the arrival of parents?
  Will DJ play background music on the arrival of guests?
  Decide DJ announcement to open the buffet?
  Who will be in charge of the cake cutting?
  Do you have special cake cutting?
  Will there be a toast? Do you have special toasting glasses?
  Will there be a bouquet toss? Garter toss?
  If and when will there be a first dance?
  If and when will there be a father and daughter dance?
  If and when will there be a mother and son dance?
  Will there be any other special dances?
  Who will be in charge of the room cleanup?
  Do you need an easel in the foyer for a portrait?
  Will you have a registry table? Gift table(s)?
  Do you need Reserved tables for family/wedding party? How Many?


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